Edmodo Information For Parents

Group Code:
Your child will need the group code to enter my secure Edmodo group. For safety reasons, I cannot post this code on my website. Email me at althamco@spsd.org with your child's name and I will reply as soon as possible with the group code. Please be sure to review the Rules of the Edmodo Road with your child. In addition to being totally cool, this activity will help prepare your child for the world of online learning, to engage them and to keep them reading over the summer. Research shows that reading an average of six books over the summer will help your child maintain their reading growth from the school year. I welcome and encourage your questions, suggestions and input. A quick, "Hi This is Mrs. Smith, and my child Sally Smith has permission to join the Edmodo book club" will suffice. My return email may be a bit slow during the week of Camp Invention and perhaps around the 4th of July. 

Parents Help Page of Edmodo:

About Edmodo

Edmodo’s mission is to connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential. On Edmodo, teachers are at the center of a powerful network that connects them to students, administrators, and parents. This network surfaces the world’s best resources and tools, providing the building blocks of a high quality education. In Edmodo’s secure environment, teachers and students can collaborate, share content, and use educational apps to augment in-classroom learning. These powerful capabilities enable teachers to personalize learning for every student. Edmodo is free for teachers and students and always will be. For more information about Edmodo.com, click here: EDMODO HELP

These are the Rules of the Edmodo Road.

Edmodo Guidelines

Posting Messages

Post a note to the whole group if your question is about something the whole group should know (assignments, instructions, dates etc.)

Send a note only to your teacher if you want to talk about something that doesn’t relate to everyone.

Don’t post personal questions to the group.

Keep conversations on topic.

If you’re not sure if a word or joke is okay, then it’s probably not. Refrain from posts that tease, bully, annoy, or gossip about any other member. 


Replying to Messages

Do not answer a question if you aren’t sure you know the answer.

Use page numbers from the book when you want to cite passages. For example, "I love the paragraph that begins 'When I was young...' on page 23." That way, all members of the group can read the specific passage that you think is important. 



If you think there is something inappropriate posted in an Edmodo group, tell a teacher immediately.

Punctuation & Grammar

No txting lingo. We r ur teachers…show us that u have learned how 2 spell.


Do not end sentences with more than one exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or question mark????????????

Please please please do not repeat a word more than necessary.

Taken from the resources on Edmodo.com